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Essere nel Mondo e-book Publisher, created in 2013 Spring, located in Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, aims to provide democratization and access to knowledge by  publishing electronic books (e-books) in all the areas of knowledge.

Under the suggestive motto “you write, we publish and the world reads”, Essere nel Mondo e-books Publisher (that means “to be in the world” in Italian language) offers editorial service, making available via site, publicity and sale or free download in an easy, fast and professional way.

This proposal has the social responsibility to connect the Internet velocity to the Access of ultimate scientific and literary production, generated from research in the diverse areas of knowledge. The results of such productions gain visibility in the window opened by the editing of electronic books whose access to reading can happen in any part of the world. The reading and knowledge of texts become accessible through the easy information available on the site in four different languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian.

We recommend the reading of the “publish with us” section so our future authors know how to send their books for evaluation by our Editorial Board. Besides, it is important that authors and readers make their register on our site in order they can take their doubts, make suggestions, purchase, free download or send their books for publishing.

Understand better:

What is an e-book?

E-book is a short for “electronic book”. The electronic book has the same quality of a printed work, however, in digital format, what makes its acquisition, transport and reading easy. An e-book can be read through the use of any electronic device such as: computers, tablets, (iPad, Samsung Galaxy and others), smartphones (like Iphones and Androids), e-readers (Kindle).

What are the advantages of publishing an e-book?

To publish an e-book (e-book) has many advantages if compared to the printed book. The process of editing is simpler, faster and less expensive for the author. By clicking on the link “publish with us” you can have access to the details of publishing.

Besides the advantages cited above (low cost, speed, etc), the e-book format allows to divulge it rapidly, more comfort and easy acquisition. The technology of the digital book allows to stock many works on an only device. It is possible to have a vast mobile library on an only notebook, if the texts are electronic. At last, to buy and use electronic books are ecologic activities, since there are no occurrence of paper, ink, and covering waste, avoiding aggressions to the environment and Nature.

What are the advantages in publishing on Essere nel Mondo e-book Publisher?

  1. Your book will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary and experienced Editorial Board, with profound knowledge on the research and publishing texts areas;
  2. You will hire our service after effective negotiation that compounds the common interests, accepting the terms of hiring that will be sent for reading and analysis;
  3. Our costs are modest and the quality is excellent;
  4. You will  count on the complete service of editing;
  5. We will divulge and make available your e-book on our site.


What are the editing service offered?

“Essere nel Mondo e-book Publisher” makes editing of your electronic book and its trading and/or free download on the site on the Publishing house.

The authors that decide to publish on the “Essere nel Mondo e-book Publisher” will find a modern possibility to divulge their works with a new concept in editing and distribution of works.

Be everyone welcome to the world of electronic books!

You deserve “Essere nel Mondo”!!!

Here you are in the world!!!

Essere nel Mondo

Rua Borges de Medeiros, 76
Santa Cruz do Sul / RS – Brasil | CEP 96810-034

+55 (51) 9.9994-7269